Treatments & Services Provided at Grennan Chiropractic Clinics

We are a Dallas, TX chiropractor offering a wide range of services & treatments for your individualized health plan.

Spinal and extremity adjusting – Our doctors utilize multiple techniques including Diversified, Thompson, Activator, Flexion/Distraction, and the Erchonia Variable Adjustor.

Physical Medicine Modalities – Electrical muscle stimulation, therapeutic ultrasound, heat and cold packs are used to help relax and heal damaged muscles.

Spinal Decompression – Patients suffering from neck or low back pain, herniated discs, degenerative disease (DDD), sciatica, facet syndrome, numbness/tingling, or pinched nerves may be candidates for spinal decompression therapy. See below.

Variable Percussor – A unique medical device that distributes waves of percussive impulses deep into the tissue, eliminating trigger points, promoting increased circulation and lymphatic flow thereby facilitating the healing process.

Advanced Hydromassage– Patients lie in a neutral position which removes unhealthy stresses on the spine, while the therapy bed produces a heated, deep tissue massage allowing you to maintain a state of complete relaxation.

Aqua PT Massage Therapy– Delivers major benefits of dry hydrotherapy, massage, and dry heat as 3 sides of the body are simultaneously massaged by 36 bi-directional water jets traveling over the body. This helps to reduce muscle tension and inflammation, as well as increasing flexibility and range of motion.

X-Rays–The doctors may recommend x-rays to better exaluate your condition and determine possible causes for your pain. In addition x-rays are usually taken after an injury to aid indiagnosis.

Myofascial Release – A soft tissue therapy that incorporates stretching and massage of connective tissue alleviating restrictions that cause pain.

Rehab Therapies –Personal instruction on spinal strengthening programs, flexibility, unique corrective exercises and auto or work injury rehab.

Comprehensive Auto Accident and Work Injury Program – After an accident, the road to recovery can often be difficult and painful. Our staff is here to assist you and get you feeling better in the shortest time possible.



Grennan chiropractic Dallas, TX

Auto Accident/Work Injury Program

Grennan Chiropractic has two Dallas, TX chiropractor clinics (Irving and Mesquite) that offer a comprehensive treatment protocol for patients that have been injured in car accidents. We understand that it is confusing and difficult to know what to do after an accident. We are here to help you and get you feeling better!

You might feel immediate pain after a car accident, or in some cases pain does not show up until 24-28 hours later (and sometimes it may be longer than that!) In either case, it is in your best interest to be evaluated for any soft tissue injuries as soon as possible. Ignoring your pain will not make it go away and may actually delay the healing process.

For car accident victims, our protocol includes a thorough evaluation, any needed x-rays and our treatment recommendations for your specific injuries. We can assist you with any billing issues and help you understand the different options you have to get the treatment you deserve.

Spinal Decompression

Anyone suffering from low back or neck pain may be a candidate for spinal decompression treatment. This pain is often associated with one or more of the following conditions:

Herniated/Bulging DiscsDallas, TX chiropractor spinal decompression
Degenerative Disc Disease
Spinal Stenosis
Facet Syndrome
Pinched Nerve
Arm or Leg Pain/Numbness/Tingling

Spinal decompression is a safe, non-surgical treatment that can provide relief from back or neck pain. Studies have shown it to be effective more than 80% of the time. A cycle of stretch and decompression phases will occur and the body responds by flooding the area with oxygen and nutrients which promote the natural healing process. During the pull or stretch phase, the discs are gently distracted producing a vacuum force inside the disc. This negative intradiscal pressure draws bulges or herniations back into their normal position therefore relieving pressure on the pain producing nerve. Although each case varies, a minimum of 3-6 weeks of treatment is optimum for disc injuries, especially patients with radiating pain/symptoms. Throughout the decompression therapy program, a patient is supervised and instructed on rehabilitative exercises to strengthen and restore optimal biomechanics.

We are happy to evaluate and consult with you to determine if you are a candidate for spinal decompression. Please contact our Dallas, TX chiropractor office if you have questions regarding this service.

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