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Total Body Wellness

Optimum health is a multi-faceted phenomenon which can be visualized as the triangular union of three important components that we refer to as the triad of health – Structure, Biochemical, and Mental/Emotional Wellness.

The triad represents aspects that influence health that can be lost or gained through any side of the triad. Although these components can be treated individually, they are in fact closely related. True health can only be achieved if all three components are balanced.


The human structure refers to bones, muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons, cartilage, and nerves.

Our bodies are designed to function optimally when each “system” of the body (muscle, organ, joint, etc.) is allowed to perform it’s job unhindered. When muscles are dysfunctional due to injury or long term overuse, joint stress and pain will occur. Function will always be impaired when there is misalignment or stress in the body’s structure. These misalignments and muscle stressors can lead to accelerated degenerative changes.

Chiropractors help to eliminate your pain and improve your health from a structural perspective. Our doctors are highly trained and able to personalize treatments to meet your individual needs.


Biochemical wellness refers to diet, vitamin/mineral intake, and function of organ systems. Many times, what looks and feels like a structural or emotional issue, is actually our body’s way of responding to a chemical imbalance. Our doctors may recommend dietary changes and/or supplements that promote good health and proper biochemistry.


At Grennan Chiropractic (a Dallas wellness clinic), we believe that many mental and emotional disorders may have an underlying organic basis. By treating the biochemical/nutritional and structural deficiencies to health, we have seen many patients resolve or better manage the psychological or emotional stressors in their lives. When we are relaxed, calm and feel healthy, we are able to handle life’s daily problems better.

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